Foster Families

Foster Homes for Long Term Placement


We provide traditional long term placement in our long term foster homes. We provide the best foster homes that are supported by our professional staff.

We help foster families to be certified with us with informative and timely training and our intensive NCFC Foster Family Workshops.

Foster Homes for Crisis Homes


NCFC provides short term foster homes for Runaways who need brief placement.Rapid intervention and case management for these short term placements of youth. 

Crisis home placement increases their chance of returning to their parents, guardian or extended family and reduces unnecessary institutional placement. We can manage 95%-96% of our cases in just a few days from the initial intake.

How do I Become a Foster Family with NCFC?


The easiest and fastest way is through one of our NCFC Workshop Fairs. It is a long day, but at the end you have finished your training, fingerprint clearances,

and  CPR/First Aid. We make it convenient.

Our next NCFC Workshop Fair will be in October 13, 2018 starting at 9am, 

1925 Risbon Road, Concord, CA 94518

Don't put it off! See you at 9am.

Please bring all adults over the age of 18 years who are living in your home with you so that the certification process is done. That includes any spouses or partners and adult children! 

The number 1 barrier to becoming a foster parent is an adult in the home

that has a criminal record. Please call us if you want to discuss this at 925-370-1990.

We provide childcare if needed at the workshop!